Jan. 4th, 2009

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Okay, I know I have at least a few international people on my flist. This question is actually for all y'all, or anyone else that wants to weigh if you've got something to add.

I love DC comics (or at least, I love the DCU [current editorial and I aren't talking]), but some days the gaps in how the mythos is set up gets really exasperating, and I'd like some help figuring out how to fill in a particular set of those gaps.

Over in the 'Uncle Sam' corner of the DCU, we've got Uncle Sam and Columbia (at least currently. Billy Yank and whoever 'Bea was then, and Johnny Reb and Dixie... they went back to sleep a while back). The UK, they've got Britannia and have for a real long time (Canada too? Or do y'all Canadians have your own? for that matter, Australia?). France has Marianne, even if supposedly she's very weak. Russia has the Bear -- and Mother Russia, come on, DC, get it right, would you? Italy should have Italia (Roma Mater in a new guise), not that we saw that.

But, um. There's rather a lot more countries than that. So any of you from places not the USofA... What would yours be? (ETA for clarity: What would your national personification be? I can hunt wiki for DC heroes of various nations, I don't trust it for a second to get national mythologies right.)

Or, even if you are US based, anyone know enough other national mythologies to lend me a hand?
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Are you kidding?

My life already reads like something out of a damned comic book, I do not need to invite it to be stranger by wanting to be some fictional character. Between the damned immortality and the resurrections -- not that I'm complaining, right now, about those -- and the magic, my life is more than bizarre enough already.

So why wouldn't I just say someone normal, instead of one of the characters that has all of the action and the drama? Pick a character that has a nice, easy life instead of the insanity it often feels like mine is, and say that one?

Because I hate boredom with a passion, and normalcy and I have never really been on speaking terms. Wintergreen, Addie, just don't say it, all right? Besides, I wouldn't give up the life I have right now, my friends and my wife and my children, for anything. Especially not something that ridiculous.


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