Feb. 6th, 2009

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[locked]Start something?

What haven't I started, recently?

Proposing to Adeline at Christmas was... god, we embarrassed Joe so badly, though Rose and Logan seemed to enjoy the event. I still can't believe Raven bought us those dogs – I'm glad Wintergreen decided to take on training them, and that they'd be best off in Africa. I need to be spending more time there, before he finds some way to let these new responsibilities get him in over his head again. Good thing his daughter's there so often.

Work... there's always a new contract coming through, even if I am sticking to the more legal jobs. Someone always wants something handled, something finished off so something new can begin. It's... interesting, trying to put my people and Addie's so that they're not at each other's throats more than they're working together. J's still better than anyone she's got.

Ought to get back into the habit of going to the theater, if I'm going to be in New York so much anyway. Logan's going to have that role soon, after all. Dating my wife again – what an idea? Yeah. Doesn't sound like a bad choice at all.[/locked]
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Write about a time you were outsmarted.


Be glad to talk about one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I was twenty-six years old, the year was nineteen sixty-one, and I'd made Major years before. My COs didn't want me going much past that rank -- they'd have to chain me to a desk, and everyone seemed to already know how bad an idea that would be. I wasn't made for a desk job. But things were heating up all over the world, so there was some advanced training they wanted to put me through. I'd had the orders to ship to Camp Washington for a few days, and been there about fourteen hours. We'd finally been set at that first obstacle course -- damn the thing -- and I thought I was just about home free, with how far I'd made it. Tricky course, I already wanted to meet the mind behind it because they'd set up some nice traps, but I though I had it beat. Just had to get through that water and I'd be to the objective... quick check didn't show me anything in it, and --

Best laid plans. I hadn't been in that rib-deep water for more than two minutes when my world went sideways and these strong, fast hands had my gun out of my hands and then had me. I couldn't believe what I saw once I could get the water out of my eyes and here was this soaking-wet woman in uniform standing there with this knife of a smile on her face. "Bang, Major. You're dead."

Yeah. I was. Just not in the ways she meant when she proved just how good she was. Tricky, cunning, brilliant professional.

...I sound like a besotted teenager. I wasn't that when I met her. --Alright, alright. I was infatuated, but I wasn't a teenager anymore. Hadn't been in... over a decade. The topic was being outsmarted, not your lady, Wilson.

We wound up breaking down just where I'd screwed up, how she'd gotten me then, and then she said the damnedest thing. "You're good, Major. I can make you better."

She did, too. Half of the things the Titans have cursed me for over the years, I picked up from Captain Kane, US Special Forces. I have had moments to wish I'd taken the lesson about arrogance and assuming I know what's going on a little more to heart, but then... I am that damn good.

She made sure of it.


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