Jun. 6th, 2009

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I'm about to go start a job.

So at the moment, the answer is polypro socks and skivvies, eighteen pounds of blue promethium-kevlar lined chainmail, twelve pounds of next-generation custom-shaped orange body armor, two pounds of studded collar, my gloves and boots, and the ballistics-cloth mask and briefs that finish the base of my gear. I've been kicking around the idea of a re-design, but the last one ended badly.

Then there's the thirteen pounds of assorted survival and combat gear in the pouches of my web belt, a good fifteen pounds of ammo in the bandolier and other places, upwards of fifty pounds in the MPK, the .38 Special I haven't given my wife back, the MG4, and the M24 SWS, assorted blades, and my sword... and the six pounds of my energy staff. Haven't carried the thing in a dog's age, but something told me to pack it along.

Now... I have work to do.

Word count: 157
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Burying me... now that'd really be nothing but a good way to piss me off. Of course, killing me is a good way to irritate me, but dumping me in a grave is really going to put icing on the cake.

See, one of the problems with being pretty much immortal is that whole 'burial' thing doesn't really work. Besides which, I don't normally stay dead long enough to be buried -- and I'm not the safest person to be around right after I've come back, as a few people have learned over the years. Add having to dig my way out of wherever I've been dumped... and there's a pretty good chance what happened in Gotham a few years back is going to look like a cakewalk before I get my good sense back.

We do have a theory running that cremation might stop this whole damn resurrection mess, but at the moment, with Addie and Wintergreen and my kids with me -- I'm not looking for it.

Word count: 169
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Fluently, enough to get by, or just enough to blackmail someone in? What the hell, I'll answer all of them.

Starting from when I learned them, since that's probably the simplest: English -- and British English, since they are different languages; some German -- enough to insult people in, if nothing else; 'alphabet soup' -- as I tend to call the various military jargons; enough Korean to get by, and enough Vietnamese to get directions, intimidate people, and barter. I know Swahili, Afrikaans, and Bantu well enough to hold a conversation in them, though I tend to keep those fairly under wraps -- so interesting what people will say when they think you don't understand them.

I also speak ASL. To, I assume, no-one's surprise.

Then there's Russian, which I speak fairly fluently, enough French to know when I've pissed a woman off seriously -- and to talk my way out of it; some Japanese and some Khmer -- I'm told my accent still needs work in the second. My Spanish is good enough to get me by almost anywhere they speak it, and I'm picking up Mandarin and Han Chinese both pretty rapidly, these days. Not sure I'm ever going to get the hang of writing them, though.


Picking up the local language is a good trick to have, in my business.

Word count: 224
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You're fired! Talk about a time you were forced out of something.

...no. I don't think so. I've told that story before.

Word count: 10
OOC: Doesn't count, but he flat refused.
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You're asking the mercenary that?

What, do you just want the messy details?

Sorry, I don't break my clients' security. That's the kind of thing that's bad for business. Read any of the publicly available files on me, you ought to get the picture of the kind of work I do. There are ways the better question might be what haven't I done, when I needed the cash badly enough. I'm not going to answer that one any more than I am this, though.

Though I'm rarely flat broke, I do have times my ready cash is far too low. If I'm hurting badly enough, I take quick jobs – fairly low payout, but enough to get me by.

Haven't had to do one of those in a while, though.

Taking that nice long vacation when I wasn't spending a fortune on weapons, ammo, and transportation, and spending the time to do some work with the stock markets early on took care of that for a while.

Word count: 167


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