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Right, here we go, meme results. Hope everyone enjoys theirs!

Riddick: rain (for [info - personal] merfilly)

He'd never cared about the weather, no matter what piece of shit planet he was on. He normally stuck to moving during the nights, let whatever sun was up shine while he slept. But bad weather made for good hunting – those few idiots out in it tended to have even worse tunnel-vision than usual – so he'd never much minded rain. It washed away what trail he left.

...and then he'd lost her, and himself, in the planet-cooling monsoon on that hell-planet of the only things in the galaxy more dangerous than he was.

These days, Riddick hated rain.

Brian/Rome/Dom: teamwork (for [info - personal] katarik)

"Damnit, Rome, would you stop baiting Dom and help me here?"

"...sure, cuz, soon as your boy gets out of my face, I'll get on it."

"Out of your face? Pearce, I'm not in your face yet. Am I, Arizona?"


"What, Bri?!"

"You're still on your feet, Rome. Now, we've got an hour flat to get this damn engine in shape before Suki's back. Can the bullshit and help me diagnose the damn thing, k?"

"...there. There's your problem. Look, she's got a crack --"

"Damn, LA's right. We need more time."

"We don't have it, work fast."

The Lone Gunmen: revelations (for [info - personal] ariestess)

"Byers, what in the hell are you doing, we've got a deadline to meet!" Frohike's voice was irritable, so Langley looked up. Byers had an old, leather-bound book pressed open on his desk and was muttering as he flipped through a new paperback on his knee, and it took another snap before he looked up. "Checking a translation, and I don't like something I see."

"In what?" Frohike walked over then, looking over his shoulder before he snorted. "Mistranslations are the name of the game with that book, you know."

"Yeah, but this one just might be a Revelation, man."

Brian/Dom: smile (for [info - personal] electrumqueen)

Brian looked over from the Charger's wheel as he heard Dom start to come out of the gas they'd used on the bus. He reached over to put ha hand on his shoulder – which made Dom's eyes snap open, hand coming up. "Whoa, Dom! Easy."

Dom swallowed, working the taste out of his mouth. "'re fucking crazy, know that, O'Connor?"

Brian laughed, head tipped back as he grinned over. "Yeah, I know. So?"

" I guess you fit right in." The slow, lazy smile on Dom's lips he hadn't seen since the bust was worth everything he'd thrown away.

Nita and the Lone Power: lyric prompt (for [info - personal] rynia)

One thing Nita had learned in her years as a wizard was that sometimes you couldn't see what was in front of you... for the details of what was in front of you. Seeing the big picture was something they tried to get you to see early in wizardry – but she was far from infallible, and she had almost missed seeing the "forest"'s new strength for pain over the moment's destruction.

She looked across the shine of her counter-spell at the inhuman beauty of the Lone One's anger... and let the last syllable die away. "Not this time, Fairest."

Please, I know it's hard to believe
To see a perfect forest
Through so many splintered trees
You and me and these shadows keep on changing

Sarah/Kyle: Always be with you (for [info - personal] nan)

When she wakes up trying not to scream into the jungle night, John asleep barely feet away from her -- //too sound, he can't sleep that deep//, part of her mind warns -- it still hurts like the first night she'd gone to sleep alone that he's not there.

//You promised!// she wants to cry at the night, at the shadow she only sees in nightmares and hallucinations now. //You promised me you'd be here!//

I am, Sarah, his quiet, gentle voice whispers from the hut's deepest shadow.

//No you're not. I'm alone, Kyle...//

No. He's with you, my Sarah.

Prompt: Letty (for [info - personal] darkdanc3r)

Letty came up the walk in the dark, bag over her shoulder and a weeks' travel caked into her clothes and skin. Took a couple tries before the key from her pocket got the lock to turn. So tired...

The door opened and the air smelled... wrong. Leftover chemicals -- //cleaning. It's Tuesday?// -- and Mia's perfume, no cigarette smoke and beer-scent, or rich smells off the stove -- just faint, cheap take-out, now. That hit her in the gut – what'd they'd done to Mia, that she...


"..Letty?" Sleepy, rough voice, so hopeful it hurt.

"yeah... I'm home."

Riddick: anything, m/m slash? (for [info - personal] dreamweaver)

//Blue-eyed devil,// Riddick thought, listening past the ships engine for the sound of Johns' heart and the darkness in his dreams.

He hated the sonofabitch that'd chained him again... even the thought of the pain he'd left him living with wasn't enough to calm that. Nothing would be until he was free, and had Johns' blood mixed with something. Not Schnapps again -- too prissy for his blond bastard. Southern Comfort, maybe. Or a bad single-malt. That'd settle the whispers ...

Or maybe it wouldn't. They didn't just talk about ghosting, now. Since Johns... sometimes they talked of other things.
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