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So, here we go with the answers to the previous meme!

1. Scar/Lexa, drabble, for [info - personal] darkdanc3r

Lexa watched Scar's back flex and shift as they moved, one hand wrapped around her alien-tail spear. The other flexed inside the shield made her from it's head. Her mouth tightened as she remembered the trick the hunter had played, making the second mouth jump at her.

But... he had played a trick, one she even understood. And he had laughed -- nasty laugh, but a laugh.

So... they had humor in common. Humor, and a desperate determination to live that kept them fighting. It wasn't much, but it was more than 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.'

2. Gilliam/Stephen, drabble, for [info - personal] merfilly
Stephen slammed his door shut hard enough that Boredan would scowl, his mental shields thrown up as hard as he'd shut the door. If he'd had to endure Gil for one more instant, he'd have broken his Hunter Lord's jaw – as his skull was obviously impossible to damage. If Gil said anything else about Cynthia, he --

-- whirled around as Gil knocked the door open behind him, snarling, but the miserable, hurting look on his Lord's face stopped him a moment.

That was all Gil needed to knock him to the bed, growling. "My huntbrother."

//Gil...// "...Yes."

3.Nerilka/Alessan, still open!

4. Riddick/Carolyn, 5 times Riddick made Carolyn happy, for [info - personal] katarik
1. She was almost too afraid to be anything else, but she was furious, too, and the moment staring down at him when he agreed that they were going back -- she could have kissed him with the sheer wash of her joy.

2. She's alive, and he's dragging her up onto the ship, both of them slipping in the mud, barely on her feet at all, her side screaming with pain from the slash that should have taken her through the gut, would have if it wasn't for his obscenely sharp ears, and as the hatch slams closed she hears herself laughing, high and sharp and wildly bright. She's alive. And they're getting off this fucking rock.

3. Laying in her half of the double berth -- no spare cryo capsules on this tub, but it's not that far to a port, the captain says -- that was all the tub had left after Imam and Jack were given places, she asks him what Johns said to start the fight that killed him. When Riddick tells her, low and slow in that almost whisper of a voice -- if he was anyone else, she'd kiss him half a hundred times. Riddick's a monster and a killer, but he'd protected Jack.

4. She watches him in the bar, five systems away from that damn planet and its long night, and she can see the whispers ghosting through his mind. She can almost hear what Riddick's hearing, looking at the rich pair slumming it down here in a spacer bar -- and Riddick turns, looks at her instead, watches her hand curve around the drink and the way she's halfheartedly working a card across her knuckles with all of his attention, until when she looks up at a noise it's the other trouble that's found them. She cocks a brow, mouths 'what?' and Riddick shrugs. "Didn't feel like listening... they ain' worth the effort."

5. Time doesn't have a lot of meaning, all the way out here on the Rim, where time in cryo feels like one long second -- for her, at least -- and time out of it feels like it stretches forever even when it's short, brutal fights and mop-up operations that don't last half long enough. So she hadn't really paid attention to what year it was. So it surprises the hell out of her when Riddick drops chocolate out of nowhere into her lap, and leans against the bulkhead as she stares at the foil packaging. "I... what?"

"Five years, Carolyn. Still glad you made me go back for the priest and the kid?"

5.Vegeta/Bulma, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] a_white_rain
1. Vegeta, in his training, occasionally finds places he thinks that irritating human female might enjoy seeing. So he kidnaps her away from whatever she's doing when he returns and drags her to them. Eventually she stops bruising her fists and heels against his back. Her voice takes longer to stop tearing at his ears.

2. She is so fragile, under his hands and body. He could shatter every bone in her body with a simple strike, and it takes great care not to. He is sometimes uncertain of why... then she raises her voice in that unafraid, imperious demand for his attention -- and he knows. If she had only been born Saiyajin... but then, no. She would not be half what she is, if she had been.

3. During one of the Budokai, after things had settled again, there was a man that paid entirely too much attention to Bulma, making much of the lack of some trinket on her hand. Vegeta learned what the trinket meant by listening to Bra, and promptly carried Bulma to a chapel. He did not permit challenges to what was his.

4. The first time he realized that the squalling, writhing lump of blanket with its shock of pale, straight hair in that woman's arms was his child... he was unsure if he wanted to pounce upon them both, or vacate the entire sector of space.

Then he remembered the blazing brilliance of the warrior he had met, and his pride in his woman for her courage and her strength blazed up until it was impossible to resist.

There were moments, later, that he was stunned that Trunks did not have a sibling much sooner.

5. He would give her any world she wanted, if she asked it. There are days that he deplores that she will not ask, that she does not even want to ask.

6. Dom/Letty (Fast & the Furious series), still open!

7. Megatron/Starscream, G1, drabble, for [info] caia_comica
~9 million years ago

Megatron watched from deep shadows, observing the field where new arrivals to the Decepticons contested for rank within his warriors. A flash of white-red-gold caught his optics, still on the ground. Familiar form... ah. The one-time leader of destroyed Vos, Starscream.

The scientist had turned to war, it seemed -- and Megatron admitted to surprise at the precision and viciousness the Seeker fought with. Reckless, impetuous... but not unskilled. A particularly nasty back-stabbing attack drew a smile to his faceplate. Decepticon indeed.

He needed a strong Seeker to handle the others. //Survive your missions, Starscream. I have plans for you.//

8. Jarod/Miss Parker, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] glassfish
1. There are days Parker wishes she had shot him, those first few months. She wouldn’t know that almost everything around her was a lie, if he’d been back where he was supposed to be. She wouldn’t have moments when she’s ashamed of who she is, if she hadn’t let him stay free. She’s never sure what she thinks of those moments, afterwards, except that her mother would be disappointed.

2. There are days Jarod is certain that his life would be orders of magnitude easier if he didn’t believe the little girl he’d known was still somewhere under all of Miss Parker’s coldness. If he couldn’t still hear the whisper of her first name in his ear, and still taste that quick, light brush of her lips against his when they were children.

3. Jarod remembers exactly what he was doing, what simulation he was running, even what Sydney was wearing, when he realized that he hadn’t seen Mrs. Parker’s daughter in a very long time. He remembers waiting until the next Christmas Party before he accepted that she wasn’t going to come back. That just like Timmy, and Kyle, he wasn’t going to see her again.

He was right. The next time he saw her, she was nothing but Miss Parker in her heels and stockings and leather and cordite.

He still misses the way she used to smile.

4. She named the bunny he gave her Catherine, and the staff she hires to clean the house are under strict orders to take good care of her when she’s gone. The first time Catherine got sick while she was away, she nearly panicked. It’s completely ridiculous, she knows, and yet she can’t stop.

5. Jarod had almost started regretting having her strip-searched in Los Vegas when she stood over Kyle’s body and tried to drag him back again, make him leave his brother and go back to that cage. He’s been idly considering how to get his point about feeling trapped and violated and powerless every day of his adult life across to her a little more emphatically ever since.

9. Jack/David, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] darthbatgirl
1. Jack lasted about three weeks trying to date Sarah. He doesn't really remember which one of them first broke it off.

2. He spent six months terrified of how he felt about Davey, because it was way more than just the camaraderie he had with the rest of the newsboys. He wasn't always sure what it was, but he thought he knew -- and Jack Kelly didn't need anyone, doggone it.

3. Davey realized earlier than Jack did what was between them. Despite that he was the one with the good family and the proper church background and everything to lose -- he knew what he wanted, what they needed from each other. And he wasn't letting anything stand between him and Jack after that.

4. Y'coulda knocked Jack over with a feather, the first time Davey pressed him up against a dark alley wall headed home one night and kissed him. Kissed him, like he was some girl... but heck if Jack didn't kiss right on back.

5. It wasn't long before they did head west, for places where there were fewer people to notice or give a damn how they were with each other. They sent Sarah a telegram from Santa Fe, 'wish you were here', even though they didn't... much.

10. Horace/Scotty, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] cheyinka
1. Sir Horace Harkness sometimes looks over at Captain Tremaine, then out at the Dacoit and wonders how the hell he and that spit-and-polish ensign got to this point. Then Scotty grins at him over the latest re-design of the LAC, and he decides all over again that he doesn't care.

2. Scotty's rarely felt as welcome anywhere as he does in the apartment the Chief and Sar-Major Babcock share on the rare occasions they're all on Manticore at the same time. He likes being around Rafe and some of the others from Basilisk, and Vice Admiral Truman is still more fun to be around than her position should let her be... but this... this is home.

3. Harkness promised BuPers he'd stop hacking their computers. The only reason he was willing to was that he had enough blackmail on one of the higher ranking assistants that he and Scotty still aren't going to be separated.

That little weasel goes back on their deal... and, well. He still can.

4. The hardest thing of that whole scheme was those first minutes when he'd had to make Scotty believe he would betray all of them. Harkness had never wanted to make him sound like that, but he hadn't had a choice if they were going to survive.

Scotty still doesn't know what was on his face when he saw the Chief standing in that cell door, cursing Warner. He does remember how he felt. Harkness doesn't mind that he doesn't know, but he never forgets that overjoyed, naked worship and joy -- and some days he wants to knock his Captain over the head for needing an old space-dog like him that much.

5. Scotty doesn't have any plans on ever marrying. He and the Sar-Major get along just fine, and between the Navy and the Chief, there's really no-one and nothing else he wants.

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From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp

Scar/Lexa is divine.

Megs and Scream? +purrs louder+

Date: 2009-09-10 10:32 pm (UTC)
ilyena_sylph: picture of Labyrinth!faerie with 'careful, i bite' as text (julian)
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I thought you might like them both...

Date: 2009-09-11 12:44 am (UTC)
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*sighs* oh, boys...

why did I not know that was one of your fandoms? did it slip my mind because I HAD known it? I need to go watch that again.

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