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Oh, funny.

You know, when I pointed out the theme, I didn't expect it to head here -- I probably should have, given various other topics over the time I've been using this thing...


Well, that pretty well entirely depends on who you ask, doesn't it? As most things do.

There are certainly more than a few heroes who've gotten their hands just as filthy as they consider mine and then gone right back to their bright, shining statures in the eyes of the public and their community, so obviously they would say yes -- but then again, Lord help anyone that walked my side of the line, for whatever reason, that wanted to try and start over, as far as the heroes are generally concerned. Yes, I did hear what happened with Dent, poor bastard. And a few others.

--Oh, hell no, I'm not talking about me. I'm not particularly interested in the idea. I've got a job I'm among the best in the world at, that needs doing.

I'm just somewhat more experienced, than I was at forty -- that my methods and jobs have changed with the times reflects more what I don't want to deal with than any attempt at that.

And, well, the fact that my wife would murder me a few times if I was stupid enough to get myself locked away from her. Let alone what my old friend would do to me. Then, too, there are Joe and Rose to consider. They've had quite enough to deal with, over the recent years.

You ask if redemption is possible... I ask who thinks they need it?

Word Count: 275
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