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Greeneye, here's your very, very late request for you!

Title: Chocolate-Covered...?
Pairing: Roy/Dick
Rating: Sooo NC-17
Continuity: Mid The NEW Teen Titans (aka years and years ago)
Prompt: 15: Food Play

Chocolate Covered...? )
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I know, I know. I'm the one that's said since it started that the "Renegade" arc sucks (generally in much more graphic terms than that) and that it was not part of my canon. *sigh* This is, just slightly, [ profile] coldfiredragon's fault, because she made me understand where it might have come from better than Devin ever could with Forever is an Awful Long Time and Pieces of a Puzzle, which everyone ought to read. She has more now, too, but it doesn't go with this. Besides, without them, this won't make much sense. ...Though, if you've friended me and you're not reading her, what the heck?!

She said I could play in that scenario after a convo with [ profile] pervyficgirl spawned the truly epic evil that is this fic. ..Yeah. That happy, fix-it fic I wanted to write? This is not it.

Title: Broken Past, Darker Futures
Pairing: Dick/Roy (Renegade/Roy, actually, cannot believe I forgot to change it...)
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Non-con (7)
Warnings: non-con, obviously, coercion, off-screen deaths of secondary characters, AU, language, some various other kinks. This is Dark, Dark, Dark. I mean it.
Continuity: In my own little reality, the 'Renegade' arc happens before the Outsiders blow the HQ, and Dick never came back after the "I quit" scene. And Infinite Crisis is only barely beginning.
Summary: When Slade's contracted to take out the Outsiders, he pays Dick a fee to make it easy... .and Roy's world is only just starting to fall apart with that contract. *loves on [ profile] merfilly for the amazing beta, and perfect summary*
Feedback: Um... I'm scared the fb on this is going to be death threats, given what's inside, but...

Broken Past, Darker Futures )

*considers hiding in fallout shelter over this*
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Title: Love and Loss
Fandom: DC comics
Pairing: Roy Harper/Dick Grayson
Rating: ...PG? what?
Prompt: Writer's Choice... call it "rejection"
Warnings: No happy ending.
Continuity: Through Identity Crisis, ignoring all things OYL except some hints from JLA #0 and #1.

You may direct all screams and curses to [ profile] pervyficgirl, who's still mad at Dick. She encouraged me. There are a few lines of this that will swap over to the happy-ending fic I am going to write (possibly next), I'll warn in advance.

Love and Loss )
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Title: Safe in Your Hands
Author: [ profile] ilyena_sylph
Pairing: Dick Grayson/Roy Harper
Rating: NC-17++
Prompt: Collars (39)
Word Count: 3,863
Tags: dick/roy
Warnings: It's kinkfic. It's slash, and it's explicit. Doesn't that cover everything?
Setting: Some indeterminate time before "Graduation Day"
Feedback: Yes, please!
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sure. Surely DC has more important people to watch.

Safe in Your Hands )
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How did I not know this comm existed? Why (until me) was it completely without anyone writing DC?

I mean, really.

So, yeah. I claimed Dick and Roy. Or Roy and Dick, as the case may be. *chuckle*

This should be fun. Okay, some of the kinks are so very, very much not mine, but that'll just be a fun challenge. I hope.

1.Rituals 2.Cross-Dressing 3.Spanking 4.Biting 5.Oil
6.Restraints 7.Non-Con 8.Leather 9.Ice 10.Candle Wax
11.Medical play 12.Fear Play 13.Blood Play 14.Breath Play 15.Food Play
16.Vibrators 17.Anal Plugs 18.Whips/Paddles 19.Handcuffs 20.Standing in Corner
21.Spreader Bars 22.Blindfold 23.Phone / Voice Sex 24.Dildos 25.Orgy
26.Serving 27.Tattooing 28.Dominant 29.Submissive 30.Exhibitionist
31.Voyeur 32.Branding 33.Age Play 34.Cock Rings 35.Ball Gags
36.Wanking 37.Shaving 38.Clamps 39.Collars 40.Virgins
41.Locked up 42.More-some 43.Outdoor sex 44.Piercing 45.Role Play
46.Writer's Choice:rejection 47.Writer's Choice 48.Writer's Choice 49.Writer's Choice 50.Writer's Choice

Wish me luck


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