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So, a bit ago I got tagged in that "I'll tell you five things I associate with you, you post and tell me all about them" meme.

I finally got time to write out the answers.

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Okay, I know I have at least a few international people on my flist. This question is actually for all y'all, or anyone else that wants to weigh if you've got something to add.

I love DC comics (or at least, I love the DCU [current editorial and I aren't talking]), but some days the gaps in how the mythos is set up gets really exasperating, and I'd like some help figuring out how to fill in a particular set of those gaps.

Over in the 'Uncle Sam' corner of the DCU, we've got Uncle Sam and Columbia (at least currently. Billy Yank and whoever 'Bea was then, and Johnny Reb and Dixie... they went back to sleep a while back). The UK, they've got Britannia and have for a real long time (Canada too? Or do y'all Canadians have your own? for that matter, Australia?). France has Marianne, even if supposedly she's very weak. Russia has the Bear -- and Mother Russia, come on, DC, get it right, would you? Italy should have Italia (Roma Mater in a new guise), not that we saw that.

But, um. There's rather a lot more countries than that. So any of you from places not the USofA... What would yours be? (ETA for clarity: What would your national personification be? I can hunt wiki for DC heroes of various nations, I don't trust it for a second to get national mythologies right.)

Or, even if you are US based, anyone know enough other national mythologies to lend me a hand?
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I had a few posts a few weeks back about Uncle Sam.

Due to kind souls, my household has a cbr copy.

Therefore and I have been working on icons.

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Have at!!

Just give me a little credit.

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Apparently i wasn't done yet.

Or yet. 2 am and one more.

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I need to remember that bradygirl-12's question posts make my brain asplode. She's got a question up about 'your first slash ship' to commemorate the 41st anniversary of Trek, and I went to answer, and got veryvery confused.

So I'm going to ramble, and feel free to chip in once I get through running my mouth--fingers?

I've been trying to think about it, and I think that honestly, my first slash ship is/was probably Betsy-Tacy, from the book series of the same name. Apparently there are more books than my Grandma had, and they go all up through HS and Betsy getting married (NOES!!!!!), but those two were so very together.

Then, of course, Bess and George from Nancy Drew, and once the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys crossovers came out, Ned and Frank in the antagonistic pairing from hell. I didn't ship them, but I wanted to see that at least once. huh. It's gotta be out there somewhere. *makes note*

I don't have access right now to the rest of my kids books, though I'm sure I had other couples in--omg Stevie/Carol from the Saddle Club! Couple-couple-couple!

Why were all of my ships as a wee thing femslash?

*jumps over to TV shows-cartoons, I mean*

Scooby-Doo, Daphne/Velma. Velma was so much better for her than Fred!

Nobody I can remember on He-Man and/or She-Ra, though hello twincest, thank you Pervy! *adores that series possibly too much*

I never shipped anyone in TMNT, because, um, brothers, no. (*eyes TMNT fandom she found as an adult, shakes head at own innocence*)

X-Men (TV, 1990s?) Storm and Jean. I wanted the two of them to be so much closer. Though I might have settled for Storm and Rogue--though oh, man, did I ship Rogue and Gambit like Whoa. Bitty fangirl of Squee.

The Real Ghostbusters: Um... the whole team just needed to be together.

Skeleton Warriors... okay. There's a 'cest pairing. Prince Lightstar/Grimskull. They needed to make up, damn it!

Books: Mercedes Lackey, M.Z. Bradley, and anything else I could get my hands on. Hello canonslash, and no matter how crazy those two women are, I will always love them for that.

Okay, I think that's grade school...

Jr. High... Buffy started (Angel/Spike). I started reading LJ Smith (Rob/Gabriel, too many others). I got access to a friends cable and my mother got an internet connection and I became addicted to Sailormoon (Usagi/Rei, Haruka/Michiru, Hotaru/Chibi-Usa (don't give me that look! As adults!!), DBZ (Vegeta/Goku, Piccolo/Gohan, Goten/Trunks, etc, etc), Ronin Warriors (teamfic, Ryo/Seiji, any), etc. While also being addicted to X-Files fic. Hi Mulder/Krychek. How do I blend those? I don't know.

On the topic of those animes, HELLO Yaoi/yuri everywhere.

I can't even list from that point. Me and a net connection? I go everywhere.
Oh, yes, I can. Gundam. Wing. Hello prettypretty bois with Isssues that just needed to be together. I converted wholeheartedly.

And somewhere shortly after I got hooked on GWing I went back to reading comic books... and Dick and Roy, Dick and Bruce, Dick and Slade, Donna and Kory, Vic and Gar, and all of the other Titan pairings attack pounced me. I mean, I'd read as a kid. I quit for a while, got distracted, lost access, I don't remember why... but *BOOM*. I got my hands on as much canon as I could, devoured character history pages, and was completely hooked all over again.

Then tF&tF, and Oceans 11, and wait, people write stuff about these? I want!

Yeah, I'm kind poly about my shippiness, can you tell yet?

Oh, god, books again, I want slash in the pern novels (queen/queen (outside flights), bronze/green, brown/green, non-rider), and I always wanted John and Ding in the Tom Clancy books--until Ding married one of John's daughters... um. *blink*


May. 28th, 2006 10:50 pm
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Um, yeah... I did this for [ profile] merfilly, who liked it.

Does anyone else?


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