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Hey, all and sundry. I've got fic again, after much slaving and wibbling and beta-ing. I never get pure canon muses, my guys aren't that cooperative. So here's a Teen Titans fic, pre Tim's father's death, pre the insanity with Kon's other father, etc. Oh, yeah, Willingham's run on Robin doesn't exist, so none of that, either. NC-17 again, slash again (Tim/Kon slash, to be precise), alien-ness on Kon's part, and it's not a terribly happy ending. I plan to fix that with a sequel at some point... I think that's everything that deserves a warning. If anyone comes up with a better title, let me know.

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This is all the fault of the JLU random fic generator. It told me about Black Canary and growing wings, and the muse bit. First it bit for art, though, which is located here.

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Midnight Munchies and the Surprise at the Bottom of the Box (YAY, [ profile] coldfiredragon!!!! Thank you!)
Superman/Batman, for [ profile] merfilly's JLU challenge.
Rating... um... adult-ish. More for implications than actual content, though.

requested by [ profile] tmelange

Midnight Munchies and the Surprise at the Bottom of the Box commentmeme )
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Now for the second half of the commentary...
One of Those Nights, part 2 )
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Commentmeme for [ profile] merfilly, One of Those Nights.
Explicit slash still.
One of Those Nights, part one )

Part 2 once i'm not passing out.


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