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Title: Copacetic
Summary: All right, O'Conner, who you got in mind?
Author's note: Post-Fast and Furious. Spoils The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast and Furious, and Los Bandoleros. Takes place immediately after Fast and Furious. Cowritten between [info - personal] katarik and [info - personal] ilyena_sylph.
Summary from dialogue in 2 Fast 2 Furious.
Pairings: Brian/Rome, Brian/Mia, past Dom/Letty, past Dom/Han, Dom/Brian, Dom/Brian/Rome.
Word count: 30, 590
Warnings: Canon happened. Discussion of some backstory events may be triggering, not least of which because two of the four are ex-cons, and this is a pbb story. Also, if you are in TF&TF fandom, you can probably deal with casual misogyny of the male-gaze variety, but just in case: yeah, it's here, and we're really sorry.
Rating: relatively hard R.

Link to Copacetic

Mix by [info - personal] strikesoftly: click here.

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So, here we go with the answers to the previous meme!

1. Scar/Lexa, drabble, for [info - personal] darkdanc3r
armed and armored )

2. Gilliam/Stephen, drabble, for [info - personal] merfilly
squabbles )

3.Nerilka/Alessan, still open!

4. Riddick/Carolyn, 5 times Riddick made Carolyn happy, for [info - personal] katarik
what meaning has time? )

5.Vegeta/Bulma, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] a_white_rain
so fragile, so proud )

6. Dom/Letty (Fast & the Furious series), still open!

7. Megatron/Starscream, G1, drabble, for [info] caia_comica
calculation )

8. Jarod/Miss Parker, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] glassfish
love doesn't change anything )

9. Jack/David, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] darthbatgirl
can't be something I'm not )

10. Horace/Scotty, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] cheyinka
spit-and-polish bar brawls )

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Right, here we go, meme results. Hope everyone enjoys theirs!

Riddick: rain (for [info - personal] merfilly)

rain )

Brian/Rome/Dom: teamwork (for [info - personal] katarik)

teamwork... guy style )

The Lone Gunmen: revelations (for [info - personal] ariestess)

translation errors )

Brian/Dom: smile (for [info - personal] electrumqueen)

rescue )

Nita and the Lone Power: lyric prompt (for [info - personal] rynia)

neverending struggle )

Sarah/Kyle: Always be with you (for [info - personal] nan)

I crossed time for you )

Prompt: Letty (for [info - personal] darkdanc3r)

homecoming )

Riddick: anything, m/m slash? (for [info - personal] dreamweaver)

southern comfort, maybe... )


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