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Title: T.M.I
Characters: Roy, Ollie, Hal, Dinah
Pairing: *laugh*
Rating: mm.. R?
Word Count: 300
Summary: Some things? Roy didn't need to know, or see...

T.M.I. )
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Title: ...Then By New Years
Cowriter: [ profile] merfilly
Characters: Titans, Arrows, Birds, and some other very special guest stars.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 8,602
Continuity: HappyVerse
Disclaimer: DC Comics makes the money, people
Notes: It's official... HappyVerse is our refuge from the meaner things in comics--and our one-stop fix-it shop.
Summary: The party's not over... after all, there's a lot of happy news to spread.

...Then By New Year's )
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Title: Our Troubles Will Be Far Away
Cowriter: [ profile] merfilly
Characters: the usual suspects and a few guest characters
Rating: PG
Word Count: 7,940
Continuity: HappyVerse
Disclaimer: DC Comics makes the money, people
Notes: It's official... HappyVerse is our refuge from the meaner things in comics.
Summary: December 26th, the morning and some necessary encounters.

Our Troubles Will Be Far Away )
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Once upon a time, I wrote a fic called Love and Loss, in which I thought I did a pretty decent job of breaking Dick's heart. In conversation with Pervyficgirl, I threw her an idea that she ran with to write Arrogant Presumption--without which this one will make no sense. Then she wrote Another Taste, from which Merfilly wrote Seeing What's in Plain Sight, which might not have been intended to be in this verse but became part of it when she wrote Substitutes--and a comment I made to that one turned into this fic. However, in the interim, Pervyficgirl wrote Settling.

The follow up to which is:

Title: Comes a Reckoning
Pairings: would be easier to list who isn't or hasn't been sleeping together in this one.
Characters: Ollie, Dick, Hal, Roy, Dinah, and Bruce and Donna around the edges
Rating: R, language and violence
Summary: Some days, Hal's manipulative streak comes around to seriously bite him in the ass. This is definitely one of those days.

Comes a Reckoning )
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A Darker Path sidefic

Title: Emerald Rest
Rating: R
Characters: Hal, Ollie, Dinah-around-the-edges
Warnings: Tissues, guys
Summary: A few quiet--and not quiet--moments.

Emerald Rest )
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All previous parts of the "A Darker Path"-verse can be found here. It was getting to be kind of a long list.

Here's the newest part.

Title: Moving Forward
Characters: Wilson clan, and assorted
Rating: PG-13 Sorry anyone that read this that shouldn't have! very much NC-17
Warnings: Some profanity.
Disclaimer: I wish these guys were mine, they'd be treated better than DC does. But they're not, DC still owns them.
Summary: Things keep escalating, but they still manage to steal moments...
Notes: [ profile] merfilly wrote some, I wrote some, the usual list applies.

Moving Forward )
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Title: Love and Loss
Fandom: DC comics
Pairing: Roy Harper/Dick Grayson
Rating: ...PG? what?
Prompt: Writer's Choice... call it "rejection"
Warnings: No happy ending.
Continuity: Through Identity Crisis, ignoring all things OYL except some hints from JLA #0 and #1.

You may direct all screams and curses to [ profile] pervyficgirl, who's still mad at Dick. She encouraged me. There are a few lines of this that will swap over to the happy-ending fic I am going to write (possibly next), I'll warn in advance.

Love and Loss )


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