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Still working merilly along in the sequence of fics from Devin Grayson's Inheritance novel.

This follows Choosing Unwisely, which is Ollie/Dick, Reconcilation which is Roy/Dick, Crossed Lines and Revelations involving Ollie, Bruce, and Clark, As the Arrow Falls, which covers Dinah's reaction to the whole mess, and Fallout, which is the long, long needed confrontation between Ollie and Roy.

Next installment, in which the fallout continues.

Title: Discussions
co-writer: [ profile] merfilly *grin* Try and guess who she wrote!
Rating: Mmm... PG-13
Summary: Things said and unsaid between various members of the intertwined families... and one uninvolved, worried bystander. Roy's protective, Bruce is... Bruce, and Dinah is her usual, delightful self. Unless your name is Ollie Queen, of course.

Discussions )
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Just to prove I can write something not ADP, or crack-porn, especially with a cowriter like [ profile] merfilly.

This is still all Devin Grayson's fault, for writing Inheritance with that vibe between Ollie and Dick.

Follows Choosing Unwisely, which is Ollie/Dick, Reconcilation which is Roy/Dick, Crossed Lines and Revelations involving Ollie, Bruce, and Clark, and As the Arrow Falls which covers Dinah's reaction to the whole mess.

Title: Fallout (working title)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nah.
co-writer: [ profile] merfilly
Characters: Ollie, Roy, Connor, Mia
Summary: Stubbornness is, after all, the Arrow-family trademark, and they all got it honest.
Fallout )
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[ profile] merfilly, fantastic woman that she is, wrote the fourth part (thus far) of my Inheritance-fic series.

Anyone reading this has seen those by now.

But this And the Arrow Falls is the perfect follow-up on the Arrow side of things. She's wonderful.
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Devin's damned book has spawned a series. This is the third in the sequence that starts with Choosing Unwisely, and moves right along to Reconciliation.

This will make absolutely no sense without knowledge of those two.

Title: Crossed Lines and Revelations
Fandom: DC Universe
Pairing: None. Ollie/Dick and Dick/Roy mentioned
Rating: Please, this is me. Between the language, the violence, and the sexual references, I'd say hard R.
Summary: Nothing happens in the Bat's city without his knowledge. Sometimes matters have to be taken into his own hands.

I owe sooo many people sooo much for this fic. [ profile] cosmicastaway, who stayed up til 5 am with me talking about how Bruce would react. [ profile] watchey, who patiently held my hand and told me it didn't suck when I had a panic attack over it. [ profile] merfilly, who reminded me that though he is a flake in Inheritance Ollie is a capable flake, and read it over to make sure I hadn't done anything stupid. You guys are so very awesome, I owe you all a ton.

Crossed Lines and Revelations )

I beg for feedback, guys, please, please let me know if you liked it, you hated it, or you think I need to be shot.
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Title: Reconciliation
Pairing: Dick/Roy (Nightwing/Arsenal)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes, having a pushy little brother isn't so bad.
Feedback: Gods, please yes. I'll love you forever. Even if it's 'dude, you misspelled xyz'.

Reconciliation )

The End. (for now?)
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This takes off immediately after the last scene with Deathstroke in Inheritance by Devin Greyson. Yes, that does mean it's going to diverge from the final few pages of the book. Don't ask me where my bunnies hop out of, it's probably a circle of hell.

Title: Choosing Unwisely (finally Titled!)
Pairing: Green Arrow/Nightwing
Rating: NC-17, or thereabouts.

Please visit the following URL for the fic:


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