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Answers to the first lines meme.

1. Slade looked down at the paired slabs of dark, polished stone jutting up from the cold ground--even in late August, it was far from warm in this part of Siberia--and slowly dropped down to a knee between the two of them, un-gloved hand resting on the rough top of the cool granite as he read the simple epitaph on the larger stone. Happy Endings? Bah

2.Dinah grimaced and wondered for about the fifteenth time that day why she had come back to Landing to run her latest tests. Another Chance, part 9

3.The battlefield smile was still on Slade's lips as he looked across the inside of the HIVE's last major base, breathing cordite and shattered masonry and the rest of the reek of war's aftermath, the last of the shots still ringing in his ears despite the protection inside the mask's earpieces. untitled Sladefic

4.Practically since the end of the second World War, he'd been dying. We Hold These Truths

5. Slade shifted the car into park and killed the engine, then slid out, shutting the door behind him as he headed towards the house in front of him, his eye dark as he looked at the bright-lit windows. I'm sorry never seems enough

6. "Show me Arrakis?" Farad'n asked her, late one evening as the last of the ruddy light slipped away outside the thick panes of glass. Unexpected Requests

7. "Featherhead, how do you do it?" Teen Titan Trouble

8. Warriors' was more than filled to capacity with two-thirds of the adult hero community-- and more Titans than really should have been there, Dinah noticed with a shake of her head. Party Night

9. //Drown, you bitch... drown.// Companions of Necessity

10. Roy got up at the knock on his door, wondering who the heck it was at this time of the evening, and was glad Lian was over at Dinah's. Finding Comfort

11. Deep in the depths of sleep, a nightmare building in his mind, Slade half-noticed movement that did not fit the dreams, sounds that were not the ones of batt-- untitled again, and somewhat cheating because it's an RP piece

12. He's not grateful. Not for himself. Grateful? Hardly

13. Dick had stood there, staring out over the bay, almost frozen for... he didn't know how long. Desparate Distraction

14. Donna Troy stretched lazily, opening her eyes to a startlingly beautiful New York City morning out her apartment window, and turned to shut off the alarm clock that was about to go off. Am I dreaming?

15. When Nightwing's frozen voice had crackled across the Outsiders communicators, ordering them to move for Arsenal's communicator, everyone had known something was horribly wrong. When It All Falls Down

16. Normally, the view around his home was enough to make him smile and turn his head to watch the long grass out here away from the river-side fields sway under the hard blue of the savanna sky. Smoke and Ash

17. *hit* Breathe. *hit* Breathe. //knuckles hurt--don't care// Knee-kick-*hit*-breathe //it hurts--shut UP!// Cracks Around the Edges

18. Roy froze just inside the doorway at hearing an entirely too-familiar noise, //Dang it, old man, couldn't ya make it to a bed for once? When ya knew I was coming home?// T.M.I.

19. Robin shook his head as he slipped into Young Justice HQ late at night, kicking snow off his boots, hearing the chaos that meant the whole team was in. Christmas with Young Justice

20. It's a small thing, gleaming dully on top of the perfect stack of paper in the stark glow of the overhead fluorescent lights. Loss


Sep. 6th, 2008 06:12 pm
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1. Comment to this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

So, [ profile] icarus_chained gave me "D".

D folks I'm fond of )

And then [ profile] merfilly gave me A.

A folks I'm fond of )

[ profile] courtcat79 Apparently decided to try and stump me with a U. But I persevered.

U folks I'm fond of )
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Comment and I will pick seven of your interests for you to elaborate on! :)

Answers for [ profile] tiamatschild.

Alustriel Silverhand: Read more... )

Amerasu: Read more... )

Fast & the Furious: Read more... )

Kris Longknife: Read more... )

LJ Smith: Read more... )

Mack Bolan: Read more... )

Point Break: Read more... )

Answers for [ profile] geonncannon

ancient civilization: Read more... )

communication: Read more... )

Dinah Lance: Read more... )

Good Eats: Read more... )

Jacqueline Carey: Read more... )

Sex: *LAUGHS! Hi TMI! Read more... )

Zatanna: Read more... )

Answers for [ profile] icarus_chained

Classic movies: Read more... )

Crossovers: Read more... )

Gundam Wing: Read more... )

Hawkgirl: Read more... )

Jiriki: Read more... )

Libraries: Read more... )

Transformers: Read more... )

Answers for [ profile] lady_sarai

Classic movies: See my response to this to Icarus_chained.

d/s: Whoooo, TMI again Read more... )

forgotten realms: Read more... )

Honor Harrington: text )

Paganism: Read more... )

role-playing: Read more... )

sephiroth: Read more... )

Answers for [ profile] second_batgirl

Da’dtou-di: Read more... )

Sorka Hanrahan-Connell: Read more... )

Vincent Valentine: Read more... )

young wizard series: Read more... )

alien vs predator: Read more... )

Aditu: Read more... )

Jack Ryan novels: Read more... )


Jul. 28th, 2008 10:45 pm
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1 question...
1 chance...
1 honest answer...

That's all you get. Ask me one question. Any one question, anything, no matter how crazy it is. An honest answer. No catch.

All comments will be screened so your question stays private between you and me, and only you will get to see my answer to your question. But I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you.

ooc: obviously, they're not really screened, where's the fun in that?
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Not in timeline with the current plot, obviously.

1. Comment.
2. I ask you five questions.
3. Post the answers in your journal

questions from shaman_x )

questions from Snake )

questions from knight_flyer )

questions from Queen )

and from the Oracle, as well )
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Surely we all know the rules to this by now?
Pick 12 characters, don't look, and then answer the questions.

I'd like to introduce all of you to Filly and I's 'Twin Trouble' team. Duncan some of you will recognize from Duncanverse, Ray and John some of you should recognize from the 'twinsverse'... But the Twins took over in our head and the world shifted around them, so the 'verse that is Duncanverse is no longer 'canon' in my head. Instead, D grows up just a little younger that Ray and John, older than Mercury (she refuses to be called Iris) and Hermes and with both of his parents. The rest of the universe shook out from there. At least in Filly and I's heads.

So here goes!

1. Duncan Lance-Wilson, Black Condor (son of Slade Wilson and Dinah Lance)
2. Lian Harper, Dart (daughter of Roy and Jade Nguyen)
3. Mar'i Anders-Troy, Nightstar (daughter of Koriand'r and either Roy or Dick--they're not sure and don't want to be)
4. James Anders-Troy (son of Donna and either Roy or Dick--they're not sure and don't want to be)
5. L'nzay Logan, Menagerie (white martian adopted child of Gar and Vic)
6. Thomas Roth-Wilson, Gateway (aka Shortcut) (child of Raven and Jericho)
7. Mercury (Kayla, daughter of Wally and Linda)
8. Raymond Lance Grayson-Harper, Lance (son of Roy and Dick [via Batmite])
9. Cerdian, Tempest II (son of Garth and Dolphin)
10. Hermes (Jai Micheal, son of Wally and Linda--I'm not sure we know what his real name is)
11. Julianne Delgado, Flamebird (daughter of Miriam Delgado and an alternate universe Dick Grayson)
12. John Thomas Grayson-Harper, Javelin (son of Roy and Dick [via Batmite])

And the members of the team that didn't make it onto the list...
(13. Baby (adopted child of Pantha and Leonid) Baby's... never going to mature in that fashion.
14. Helena Kyle (Wayne), Huntress II (3?) (daughter of Selina and Bruce)
15. Luke O'Brien, Offspring (son of Eel O'Brien, Plastic Man))

Crazy questions and crazier answers )
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Meme: The first fifteen people to comment on this post get to request a drabble from you. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal. Post all fandoms you’re willing to write for.

I write:
Gundam Wing
Sailor Moon
Transformers a little
Velgarth (Lackey)

If you've seen me write it, ask!
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Okay, my muses are all dead, so let's go with a meme instead.

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal headcanon.

DC, Fast and the Furious, Cyteen, Salvatore's Forgotten Realms, Wheel of Time, Gundam Wing, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

And talk back to me once I tell you, danganabit!


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