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Okay, I know I have at least a few international people on my flist. This question is actually for all y'all, or anyone else that wants to weigh if you've got something to add.

I love DC comics (or at least, I love the DCU [current editorial and I aren't talking]), but some days the gaps in how the mythos is set up gets really exasperating, and I'd like some help figuring out how to fill in a particular set of those gaps.

Over in the 'Uncle Sam' corner of the DCU, we've got Uncle Sam and Columbia (at least currently. Billy Yank and whoever 'Bea was then, and Johnny Reb and Dixie... they went back to sleep a while back). The UK, they've got Britannia and have for a real long time (Canada too? Or do y'all Canadians have your own? for that matter, Australia?). France has Marianne, even if supposedly she's very weak. Russia has the Bear -- and Mother Russia, come on, DC, get it right, would you? Italy should have Italia (Roma Mater in a new guise), not that we saw that.

But, um. There's rather a lot more countries than that. So any of you from places not the USofA... What would yours be? (ETA for clarity: What would your national personification be? I can hunt wiki for DC heroes of various nations, I don't trust it for a second to get national mythologies right.)

Or, even if you are US based, anyone know enough other national mythologies to lend me a hand?
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Okay, so a couple of new friends wound up, in kind of a roundabout way, asking for why I slash, and how I see it actually working. So, *laughs* have a thoughts-on-yaoi post! We'll see if I need to warn for teal deer herds once I'm done. ((why yes, I do read fandom-wank while bored)).

pretty boys, pretty women, and non-heteronormative sexuality )

Without getting into tons of specific examples, that's a lot of my two cents on this topic (1,145 words, good god, that's not two cents).

Comments, questions, discussion, anything?
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I've finally come down off the complete and utter high the movie put me in, and now I have all these thinky-things buzzing through my brain. This post much more intended for those who have seen the movie, as it will be uber-spoilery.

robots in disguise )

hm... more thinky-things as I come to them.

ETA: discussion very welcome.
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This's going to be kind of rambling and roundabout, and I wouldn't place any kind of money on that I won't offend someone, but I'm going to try and get what I'm thinking about across. And I may well sound arrogant at some points, lumping myself in with people I think of as the best of the fandom, but *shrug* I had great examples to learn from, and am trying to credit them as I try and figure out how my brain got to what I'm thinking about.

In the comments to one of my fics (Slade/Dick actually), someone made a comment that I managed to portray all of Dick's love and need "without removing his masculinity one bit" even as he was very completely owned and possessed, and how cool that was. I kind of blinked at that, and said to myself, "um, I'd hope so" because well, Dick's very much male--very aggressively male at times, even. I couldn't figure out why the comment had been in all-caps--I mean, it was cool, I liked it a lot--but it took me thinking a good bit before I realized that what I'd done maybe was unusual. the rest of my thoughts on this )

This is my 2cents and your mileage may vary, but it's why I write my guys the way I do, in fairly blatant flouting of "traditional" views of both gay and straight sexuality. Wait, why'm I surprised, I hate locked gender roles.

By the bye, this was intended to start conversation, please come talk to me!
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I was reading over at [info]metafandom, and a post on BDSM and its place or lack of in fic caught my eye. Now so as not to disturb the people that know me in rl that read this journal--and I'm thinking about setting up a separate one to keep up with those folks, as that you guys are over here really worries me sometimes--all of my thinkiness is going behind a cut. Or at least I hope it does. I'm not sure if I'm breaking any new ground here or just retreading, but these're my thoughts on my versions of these charas.

reasons )
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Has anyone ever looked at Jean-Luc LaCroix (Forever Knight) and Batman, and seen a slightly freaky similarity? Not in looks, not even so much in outlook, but in... personality?

I really desperately need better access to Forever Knight canon before I could even start to talk about this, because barring one episode, I only know them from fanfic, and that's not a good enough starting point, but... I had a random thought involving one of [info]gryphonrhi 's fanfics, where Nick (LaCroix's childe) asks him why he's doing something which involves a great deal of work to help a mere mortal, and LaCroix replies that it will amuse him, and Nick asks him to be careful, because the person involved is important to Nick, and LaCroix says, "That is the other reason." Nick is just floored by this, and my random thought told me that that was the same kind of conversation that might happen between Bruce and Dick.

Two very complicated, mutually frustrating relationships between two sets of terribly strong willed men, the younger two so often conflicted and torn by 'he doesn't love me, or he wouldn't act like this' (w/re: to about Nick, this is what I have seen written) while the older two do, desperately, love their children, they just don't show it well, or often...

Also two relationships with the serious possibility of that father/lover twist in the relationship, as neither pair is actually genetically related--ok, yes, I'm a slash fan, so that statement is utterly biased.

But anyway, anyone that knows the characters better want to weigh in? Or not, as you choose.
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Has anyone else ever desperately wished that Immortals (or vampires) were real? Anyone else out there ever wanted the chance to meet one, be friends with one, somehow touch all those centuries that they knew and loved? Anyone else out there ever wanted to be able to ask one that long-lived if pain ever truly heals over? If the white-hot pleasure you found in something forbidden will ever quit arching through your veins like lightening, and if you'll ever quit wanting it again?

Anyone ever wanted to believe that somewhere out there, today, there's someone that heard Shakepeare read his own plays, heard Bach or Beethoven play their own pieces, heard Chaucer read his Caunturbury tales in dim, smoky light? Anyone else ever looked out at our world and our expedience and wished desperately that there was someone out there who thought in the language, the measured speech, the pure impassioned flow of the Declaration of Independance just so it wouldn't be true that "People don't talk like that anymore"?

Anyone else ever been criticized with those same words, when you were speaking from your heart?

Conversely, anyone out there ever feel like you've seen this all, done this all, before? That this is just another short piece of an undending cycle and wished that you knew more about that last life, more than the tiny bits and pieces that haunt your dreams and a few of your waking moments?

Comments, retorts, appeals for sanity? Leave them in the little box, please?

(sorry about the melancholy, i'm reading Highlander stories, and they always make me sad)


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