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Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:51 pm
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Cock and Bull...

That's a phrase I hadn't heard in a while, and it takes me back. To about 1952, and a day that pretty permanently changed my life.


I think that's the second thing I ever heard Wintergreen say. "Pardon me for joining in, Yanks..." over the sound of a damn good punch into Fenster's jaw was the first, then "but I haven't had a good scuffle since the last Boxing Day rout at the Cock 'n' Bull."

He has to be the only man that would apologize even as he's kicking someone in the face... but then, probably only that he was cross-service saved him from some serious trouble over pulling me out of that beating. I spent a good eight months in his debt, before I got to return the favor.

God only knows if he was joking about that fight more than the obvious, but either way, it was a damn lucky thing for me. Of course, he spins pretty good cock and bull tales, too...
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[locked from his son]

34.3, 36.1 )
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Week 28.

3. Consequence

Words: 179

really, now? )

Week 30

Words: 225

4. "I don't think the word fearless means you're completely unafraid. I don't think it means that you have no fear, or that you're bulletproof. I think being fearless sometimes means that you've got a lot of fears, but you jump anyway." -Taylor Swift

fear or the lack )

Week 31

Words: 20 (doesn't count, but he wasn't being helpful)

3. "How much is too much?"

Bad question to ask me.

Believe me, my judgment on it has been more than slightly impaired.

Ask my wife.

Week 32

3. Photo

Word count: 260

devastation )
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Week 22

1. Elevator

damn elevators )

Words: 112

Week 23

1. What scares you?
2. Past, present, and future.
3. "Loneliness is just about the scariest thing out there" - Joss Whedon

[Locked, completely and utterly]
fear, times, memories, loneliness )

Words: 360

Week 25

2. Who from your past would you like to see again?

old allies, old friends )

Words: 115

Week 27

2. How do you feel about that?

good way to irritate me )

Words: 100
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3. Menace

*laughter* Well. That one's close to home, too. How many times have I had that thrown my way?

The easy answer is "too many to count". Government agents, "heroes", civilian reporters and authorities, a couple members of my own family over the years... probably people I've never even met have all aimed it at me.

Of course, I do normally deserve it. Something about my profession tends to inspire... nervousness. Or even a fair degree of fear—odd as I find that. If I haven't been hired for you, you're safe as houses with me. If I have... well. You probably either already know it, or you won't.

Though really. When was the last time I took a job in the States? It's not worth the hassle. So if you recognize me on the street? Relax, I'm not working.
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1. Rebel.

Are we talking Johnny Reb, or the action of rebellion, here? Really, they're quite a bit different.

Or, for that matter, James Dean?

Precision's not a bad thing. How hard would it have been to put that in a sentence so which word it was would be obvious?

Oh, wait. That was part of the point, obviously... use a word with different pronunciations and meanings to see which way all of us would jump in relation to them. Cute enough little trick, I suppose.

I'm Southern born and bred, and I've spent most of my adult life skirting the edges of civilian law. I suppose that means I suit the first two just fine.
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Week 18

4. "Attack life, it's going to kill you anyway. -- Steven Coallier"

Actually, it's probably not.

That's one of the problems with being immortal—at least, if you don't want to be (Why the fuck anyone would want to be is something I cannot comprehend. Of all the curses in my life, this one is probably the worst, though less so now than it was) –that life's not, actually, going to kill you.

There was a popular phrase going around a few years ago "Immortal just means 'not dead yet'." I think it came out of one of those god-awful teen dramas, but I can't tell you where I heard it.

I nearly laughed myself sick the first time I did.

I've been dead. It doesn't stick.

And I've never been quite suicidal enough to throw myself into the kind of things that might actually permanently kill me. Quite.

Apparently some people believed I was, given the last couple of years... but that gets a bit off topic, doesn't it?
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"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

Not in my life, it's damned well not.

Especially not right now.

hell with that )

Word count: 300


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