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Dec. 21st, 2008 09:05 pm
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OOC: All muses mentioned know who they are. Bendy-time so definitely in effect, given several insane schedules

Slade had been quietly grateful that Wintergreen had decided to come in on Friday evening, it had made things much easier -- after Addie had nearly locked herself in her study //Joe, did you just have to prove how much you're my son?// -- to finish holiday preparations with him there, old carols playing on the record player that occasionally had him catching himself singing along as they finished things up. Getting called away to Gotham early Saturday morning hadn't been anywhere in his plans, but it hadn't interfered too much in the long run. Neither had breaking up a fight between the ex-Robin his family was slowly adopting, and the one he'd considered a quasi-student and often-problem for years.

The brat was down in the downstairs apartment, and knew he could come up whenever he wanted; there was more than enough food ordered, cooked, or brought in to feed more company than they were likely to have, but it would keep. He was half expecting all of the assorted company -- in the forms of his son, soon to be daughter-in-law, daughter, and possibly Logan -- at any point over the course of the shortest day; and Addie had always been far too much the society woman to not come out when they arrived. No matter how much she might be nursing old hurts at the moment.
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Saturday, Nov 29th

Slade had been prowling around the house, and to the eyes that knew him best there had been something riding on his shoulders since Wintergreen had arrived to set Thanksgiving plans in motion a few days earlier. He'd done a fairly good job of hiding any signs of it while the kids were there, and even when Addie was around... but now, home in Africa together, it was as though he wasn't trying to hide it -- and the restlessness was the most obvious sign.

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I'm still blaming you, Snake. Admittedly, I'm more amused than anything.

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Slade waited for Logan to come join him, falling into a light trance to keep his temper under control at least for the moment.
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From here.

Slade shook his head and picked up his cell phone, sending a text meassage to his son, daughter, wife, and lover, just in case any of them decided to come by the penthouse in the next couple of hours. [Ex-robin crashed on the couch.]

//Now, start thinking about how in hell you're going to explain to Wintergreen that you offered the boy a job, Wilson.//
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Slade glanced at the calendar, stopped, thought... and walked over to the computer to see if his son was online.

Through rather more secure channels than most IM-clients used, he sent a message Joe's way once he saw that he was logged in. /Around?/
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Occurs after, and references this post; [ profile] girlfromkrypton used with presumed consent. Obviously, the events that occur are known only to Slade, [ profile] silent_jericho (my co-writer), and for a few moments, [ profile] oracle_bop.

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RP for Joe

Aug. 9th, 2008 10:37 pm
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Once he finally pulled himself away from his wife again, Slade went looking for his son.
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It's moving.

The release papers should come through within the next two days.

Damn, but the red tape's gotten worse. And I've been busy.

I'll let the kids have first go at her, though. I have something else to finish, first.
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There had surely been moments that he had been in a more uncomfortable position than currently being unable to trust either of the people he loved most (for justified suspicions on both sides), but, sitting on his couch with tension through the entire East Side penthouse, he couldn't think of a single one.

Wintergreen in the bedroom that had always been his, likely still on the phone, Adeline braced in the space between the bedroom and where he sat, Joseph hovering worriedly in the echoing space between the three of them... quite the situation for the little Martian telepath to come into.

Especially because his composure was barely a pasted-over thing on actual his mental state.

But they needed the girl's un-biased ability to test minds, to be sure that neither of them held a poisoned kiss without knowing it.
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((latest post in the ongoing storyline. All muses mentioned used with stated consent))

Normally, the view around his home was enough to make him smile and turn his head to watch the long grass out here away from the river-side fields sway under the hard blue of the savanna sky. Or it would draw his eye to look for the game that moved in this part of the day; bushback and gazelle and zebra.

If not those, the beauty of this land would draw his eye to pick out the familiar shapes of the acacia and sausage trees--old friends now, and sometimes fought for; to see the tall, dark blue-grey rise of Mt. Elgon and the preserve in the western distance... not today. The savanna went by almost unseen, barely noticed, barring the wary eye kept out for danger.

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Directly from here.

He moved, down to the car, absent courtesy to get his wife's door first, and start across the traffic to reach their son. "This isn't her style, quite. Though she's hardly opposed to large-scale damage, it wouldn't have been this way."
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Wherever Rose was, if she had her cell phone, it rang, and the number she had for her father was written across the screen.
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follows this, and this

Wherever Joe was, his phone flared with a message. /Joe. Call me. NOW./

RP link

Jun. 9th, 2008 05:48 pm
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Title: Mother's Day Memorial
Characters: Slade and Joe Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2717
Continuity: Based on RP of muses [ profile] silent_jericho and [ profile] masked_merc
Disclaimer: DC Comics owns

Notes: Backdated to the American Mother's Day; The Deathstroke seen in canon is a false one, and Jericho has been made aware of this; no other muses mentioned are based on anyone's past or current muses.
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I'm going to describe myself in 6 words. Please respond to this message with your own 6 word description of me. Then post this in your own LJ and see if people can describe you in ONLY 6 words.

"Just a man with a job."
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[Beginning of a conversation to be held in the privacy of Slade Wilson's Kenyan home]

"Wintergreen, I just got offered a job."


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