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Jul. 6th, 2009 04:15 pm
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What, do you simply have a theme these last few weeks? *looks back over recent responses, thoughtfully*

Seems rather obvious that you do. I think even my bastard half-brother could pick up on this one. Logical train from 'fired', to 'broke', to points of legality, to prison... what next? Guess I'll see soon enough.

But back on topic... prisons. Which one, in which country, at which point in time? I've seen the inside of more than a few, had one trashed by a Teen Titan trying to kill me -- I've never been so grateful for damned floodlights in my life; snuck out of one with Superman's help... Really, the American prison system is a cakewalk compared to some of the places I've spent time as a -- guest, let's say -- of a government. And then there's that stint with Checkmate, but the least said about that torture chamber of a cell, the better. One of these days...

It's the chance you take, when you do what I do. One time or another, you're going to not be quick enough, not be careful enough, your opponents are going to be better... whatever. And you're going to wind up taking the consequences for your actions, unless you've got good enough lawyers or the right set of leverage to use to get yourself out.

Just part of the life.

There's nothing I hate like I hate cages.


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