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Title: Copacetic
Summary: All right, O'Conner, who you got in mind?
Author's note: Post-Fast and Furious. Spoils The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast and Furious, and Los Bandoleros. Takes place immediately after Fast and Furious. Cowritten between [info - personal] katarik and [info - personal] ilyena_sylph.
Summary from dialogue in 2 Fast 2 Furious.
Pairings: Brian/Rome, Brian/Mia, past Dom/Letty, past Dom/Han, Dom/Brian, Dom/Brian/Rome.
Word count: 30, 590
Warnings: Canon happened. Discussion of some backstory events may be triggering, not least of which because two of the four are ex-cons, and this is a pbb story. Also, if you are in TF&TF fandom, you can probably deal with casual misogyny of the male-gaze variety, but just in case: yeah, it's here, and we're really sorry.
Rating: relatively hard R.

Link to Copacetic

Mix by [info - personal] strikesoftly: click here.

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So, here we go with the answers to the previous meme!

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3.Nerilka/Alessan, still open!

4. Riddick/Carolyn, 5 times Riddick made Carolyn happy, for [info - personal] katarik
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5.Vegeta/Bulma, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] a_white_rain
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6. Dom/Letty (Fast & the Furious series), still open!

7. Megatron/Starscream, G1, drabble, for [info] caia_comica
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8. Jarod/Miss Parker, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] glassfish
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9. Jack/David, 5 fanons, for [info - personal] darthbatgirl
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Take Someone Out

Slade looked at the prompt for the week with a skeptical glance and shook his head, far too amused. That was one of the politer euphemisms for some of the work he'd done over half a century, and the idea of putting any of that on 'paper' – pixels, really, but what was the difference? -- struck him rather badly even while it did amuse him. He left the records of his jobs – and acidic commentary on them at times -- to Wintergreen, newspapers when the job was meant to be publicized, and word of mouth when it wasn't. Of the three, the only one he'd recommend trusting for information was Wintergreen's hand.

Then again, there was another way to look at that prompt. Logan's show was still running, and he was back in New York again. He checked the time just to make sure they'd have enough, and went to go and see about convincing his wife to go out on Broadway for the night.
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You pass a complete stranger on the street and notice they are crying. What do you do?

That depends entirely on if I'm working, just out for the day, or otherwise busy.

If I'm working, I'd probably give them the widest berth I could -- for some reason, my armor tends to frighten people. It's not as though I designed it that way, or anything. Eh. It's probably the amount of weaponry I carry when I'm working that sends people running the other direction. Civilians, at least. No sense in traumatizing the person worse by putting myself in their face.

If I'm running some errand or another, I might stop to see what's wrong -- I've picked up a quick job once or twice, that way. But then, my six and a third feet of height and the mass I carry tend to be intimidating even in street clothes. It's a minor irritation fairly often -- that being inconspicuous is something I don't do well. If it seemed to be someone that wouldn't be frightened, I would probably stop, at least long enough to ask what's wrong. Rather or not I could do anything about it is... a different story.

Comforting isn't exactly one of my strongest suits. Hell, just ask the Kid about that one.
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Oh, funny.

You know, when I pointed out the theme, I didn't expect it to head here -- I probably should have, given various other topics over the time I've been using this thing...


Well, that pretty well entirely depends on who you ask, doesn't it? As most things do.

There are certainly more than a few heroes who've gotten their hands just as filthy as they consider mine and then gone right back to their bright, shining statures in the eyes of the public and their community, so obviously they would say yes -- but then again, Lord help anyone that walked my side of the line, for whatever reason, that wanted to try and start over, as far as the heroes are generally concerned. Yes, I did hear what happened with Dent, poor bastard. And a few others.

--Oh, hell no, I'm not talking about me. I'm not particularly interested in the idea. I've got a job I'm among the best in the world at, that needs doing.

I'm just somewhat more experienced, than I was at forty -- that my methods and jobs have changed with the times reflects more what I don't want to deal with than any attempt at that.

And, well, the fact that my wife would murder me a few times if I was stupid enough to get myself locked away from her. Let alone what my old friend would do to me. Then, too, there are Joe and Rose to consider. They've had quite enough to deal with, over the recent years.

You ask if redemption is possible... I ask who thinks they need it?

Word Count: 275

287: Prison

Jul. 6th, 2009 04:15 pm
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What, do you simply have a theme these last few weeks? *looks back over recent responses, thoughtfully*

Seems rather obvious that you do. I think even my bastard half-brother could pick up on this one. Logical train from 'fired', to 'broke', to points of legality, to prison... what next? Guess I'll see soon enough.

But back on topic... prisons. Which one, in which country, at which point in time? I've seen the inside of more than a few, had one trashed by a Teen Titan trying to kill me -- I've never been so grateful for damned floodlights in my life; snuck out of one with Superman's help... Really, the American prison system is a cakewalk compared to some of the places I've spent time as a -- guest, let's say -- of a government. And then there's that stint with Checkmate, but the least said about that torture chamber of a cell, the better. One of these days...

It's the chance you take, when you do what I do. One time or another, you're going to not be quick enough, not be careful enough, your opponents are going to be better... whatever. And you're going to wind up taking the consequences for your actions, unless you've got good enough lawyers or the right set of leverage to use to get yourself out.

Just part of the life.

There's nothing I hate like I hate cages.
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I know not why the image whispered from Other Memory, but a moment's thought gave the context. An ancient Earth device for measuring time, made in many sizes... and functioning on something simple as the gravitational pull upon the sands held within finely spun glass. Which is only sand itself, though heated and fused into perfect clarity.

How appropriate.

I would have one made for Leto -- I think it would suit his whim -- if not for that no glass in the worlds could be large enough to count the hours and years he will be without me.

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Didn't I just talk about this the last time I answered one of these?

Yes, I know I saw Snake go off about this as well, but honestly. Asking this on the heels of the other question, to a group of people that includes both of us and as many other people that skate on the edges of polite society's lines...

Well. It just seems like asking for trouble -- or baiting for confessions, which is an even worse idea. Enough professionals have tried that that the amateurs really shouldn't bother.

When is it okay to break the law? Whenever the situation requires it. Hell, I'd be willing to bet all of you break at least one law you don't even know about every day.

The only law that really matters to me, when it comes down to it, is the Eleventh Commandment.

...What? No, I'm not going to explain. Either you know it, in which case 'congratulations', or you don't – and don't need to.

Though after the release of that novel a few years ago, everyone should.

Word count: 179
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You're asking the mercenary that?

What, do you just want the messy details?

Sorry, I don't break my clients' security. That's the kind of thing that's bad for business. Read any of the publicly available files on me, you ought to get the picture of the kind of work I do. There are ways the better question might be what haven't I done, when I needed the cash badly enough. I'm not going to answer that one any more than I am this, though.

Though I'm rarely flat broke, I do have times my ready cash is far too low. If I'm hurting badly enough, I take quick jobs – fairly low payout, but enough to get me by.

Haven't had to do one of those in a while, though.

Taking that nice long vacation when I wasn't spending a fortune on weapons, ammo, and transportation, and spending the time to do some work with the stock markets early on took care of that for a while.

Word count: 167
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You're fired! Talk about a time you were forced out of something. I don't think so. I've told that story before.

Word count: 10
OOC: Doesn't count, but he flat refused.
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Fluently, enough to get by, or just enough to blackmail someone in? What the hell, I'll answer all of them.

Starting from when I learned them, since that's probably the simplest: English -- and British English, since they are different languages; some German -- enough to insult people in, if nothing else; 'alphabet soup' -- as I tend to call the various military jargons; enough Korean to get by, and enough Vietnamese to get directions, intimidate people, and barter. I know Swahili, Afrikaans, and Bantu well enough to hold a conversation in them, though I tend to keep those fairly under wraps -- so interesting what people will say when they think you don't understand them.

I also speak ASL. To, I assume, no-one's surprise.

Then there's Russian, which I speak fairly fluently, enough French to know when I've pissed a woman off seriously -- and to talk my way out of it; some Japanese and some Khmer -- I'm told my accent still needs work in the second. My Spanish is good enough to get me by almost anywhere they speak it, and I'm picking up Mandarin and Han Chinese both pretty rapidly, these days. Not sure I'm ever going to get the hang of writing them, though.


Picking up the local language is a good trick to have, in my business.

Word count: 224
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Burying me... now that'd really be nothing but a good way to piss me off. Of course, killing me is a good way to irritate me, but dumping me in a grave is really going to put icing on the cake.

See, one of the problems with being pretty much immortal is that whole 'burial' thing doesn't really work. Besides which, I don't normally stay dead long enough to be buried -- and I'm not the safest person to be around right after I've come back, as a few people have learned over the years. Add having to dig my way out of wherever I've been dumped... and there's a pretty good chance what happened in Gotham a few years back is going to look like a cakewalk before I get my good sense back.

We do have a theory running that cremation might stop this whole damn resurrection mess, but at the moment, with Addie and Wintergreen and my kids with me -- I'm not looking for it.

Word count: 169
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I'm about to go start a job.

So at the moment, the answer is polypro socks and skivvies, eighteen pounds of blue promethium-kevlar lined chainmail, twelve pounds of next-generation custom-shaped orange body armor, two pounds of studded collar, my gloves and boots, and the ballistics-cloth mask and briefs that finish the base of my gear. I've been kicking around the idea of a re-design, but the last one ended badly.

Then there's the thirteen pounds of assorted survival and combat gear in the pouches of my web belt, a good fifteen pounds of ammo in the bandolier and other places, upwards of fifty pounds in the MPK, the .38 Special I haven't given my wife back, the MG4, and the M24 SWS, assorted blades, and my sword... and the six pounds of my energy staff. Haven't carried the thing in a dog's age, but something told me to pack it along.

Now... I have work to do.

Word count: 157
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"show me your world"

Farad'n asked me this, once, months ago. "Show me Dune," he said, believing, it seemed, that by knowing Arrakis he could know me.

I suppose he was not wrong. I have never been the Imperial Lady Ghanima, not deep in me – it is an identity that sits only heavily.

I am Ghani, Fremen woman, twin of Leto, and the sands and sietches of Dune are where I took him. Once he was ready, taught to use a stillsuit and the rhythmless walk, we went far into the desert by 'thopter... and then my Corrino prince rode Shaitan with me.
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Right, here we go, meme results. Hope everyone enjoys theirs!

Riddick: rain (for [info - personal] merfilly)

rain )

Brian/Rome/Dom: teamwork (for [info - personal] katarik)

teamwork... guy style )

The Lone Gunmen: revelations (for [info - personal] ariestess)

translation errors )

Brian/Dom: smile (for [info - personal] electrumqueen)

rescue )

Nita and the Lone Power: lyric prompt (for [info - personal] rynia)

neverending struggle )

Sarah/Kyle: Always be with you (for [info - personal] nan)

I crossed time for you )

Prompt: Letty (for [info - personal] darkdanc3r)

homecoming )

Riddick: anything, m/m slash? (for [info - personal] dreamweaver)

southern comfort, maybe... )
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I am now -- too late.

Thank god.

And Rose.

I'm sorry, kaun-srei. I should have known.
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"That's why I write, because life never works except in retrospect. You can't control life, at least you can control your version." Chuck Palahniuk (Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories)

I normally leave quotes and debates on that kind of topic to my old friend -- he's the one that seems to think it would be a good idea to write up my life as some novel. Why, I have absolutely no idea, but making all of his notes and drafts have kept him entertained all this time so it's worth it. I do wonder how much of it he's going to have to scrap, to have anyone believe it or to keep me from levels of embarrassment I don't really want to ever see again.

But... I don't think I agree all that much with the quote. Maybe if I wrote fiction I'd have a different opinion.

--yes, I know you're all laughing at the idea. So am I.

From where I stand, though, life makes even less sense in retrospect than it did the first time through. At least while it's hitting the fan you're not dealing with other people's second-guessing what you do.

At least as far as I've seen, or experienced.
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What question do you most dread?


I don't bother to worry about questions all that much. Waste of time and energy I could spend doing other things. And really, any of the questions about my past that would have easily made me uncomfortable... I've long since answered to anyone that needs to know. The rest of the people that might ask -- would find out I don't really give a damn what they think of the answer, and that I rarely bother with polite lies.

So I suppose the only question I might 'dread' is... hearing "What the hell were you thinking?" from any of the very few people I actually give a damn about the opinion of. Pretty much limited to Wintergreen, my wife and children, or maybe Logan and the Kid -- if I'm feeling generous -- these days. Mostly because it's going to mean I've just done something I probably should have learned a lesson on by now.

Of course, I never did much like hearing it from Frannie, either. The lecture wasn't going to be two breaths behind it, whatever I'd done to make her ask -- and she always did know just how to lay the law down in a way I wasn't going to forget in a hurry.
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Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. -Ambrose Bierce

I believe that my brother has said almost all that needs to be said on this. It gives me chills to hear what he will become, what he will do after I am gone... He must have someone at his side, someone that can remind him that he is Atriedes over all. I will see that he has that someone, in one fashion or another.

Though the quote is quite amusing.

I wonder, why did it not merit inclusion in the O.C. Bible, as much truth as it holds? It certainly would find few detractors among the powerful of my time. Indeed, I think few among any of the factions of the broken triad of power that for so long waged perpetual war for their own interests -- CHOAM, the Spacing Guild, all the Great Houses, even the Bene Gesserit -- would deny it.

Words: 144


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