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Title: Unexpected
Pairing: Raven/Robin
Verse: Teen Titans Go!
Word Count: 100

everyone expected he and Starfire )
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One day last week, my alarm clock woke me at an annoyingly early time, and this was what had been running through my head. As I was dressing, I whinged to [ profile] merfilly about her evil Slade from "Wounded Birds and Hidden Heroes" taking over my dreams. She made mewling noises, and Slade was his persistent bastard self, so I wound up writing it all down.

Now she wants me to share, so... y'all get to see.

Title: Slight Infractions
Pairing: toon!Slade/toon!Dinah
Rating: NC-17, but not precisely for sex
Warnings: BDSM related themes in a very unusual (for me) take, coerced consent.

I keep protesting that this doesn't count as het because 1) it's slashy as hell and 2) they do not have intercourse. Filly just laughs at me.

Slight Infractions )

Yes, that is the end. I did mention the alarm clock was inconvenient, right?

Ask Filly where it falls in her verse.
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Here's part three of the series that beings with Part One, and continues with Part Two.

Ah, the things that happen when I can't sleep.

Title: Aerial Adventures, part 3
Fandom: JLU-verse
Pairing: none yet
Characters: Black Canary, Batman
Rating: PG-13, language
Disclaimer: (I've been forgetting this) I'm not DC, they're not mine.

Aerial Adventures, part 3 )

Feedback? Concrit, even?

Thanks, [ profile] athena_phoenix for catching a highly persistent typo daemon.
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This bunny decided to poke it's nose up again, so here we go. This part is a little short for me, but since I've decided (or they did) that the parts end when the pov switches, that's just how it goes. This takes off immediately from Aerial Adventures, part one and is still entirely the fault of the JLU crack generator.

Title: Aerial Adventures, part 2
Fandom: JLU-verse
Pairing: none yet
Characters: Black Canary, Batman
Rating: PG-13, language

Aerial Adventures, part 2 )

end part two

I repeat the usual mantra of "I live for feedback", guys. Even if you didn't like something, tell me.


Jul. 15th, 2006 06:43 pm
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Here's my second crack at her, enjoy, [ profile] merfilly! And, you know, the rest of you, too!
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...I came up with a title all on my own? Stop the presses!

Title: Aerial Adventures
Fandom: JLU
Pairing: none, yet
Characters: Batman, Black Canary
Rating: PG-13 for language, I suppose

This is all the fault of the JLU random fic generator. It told me about Black Canary and growing wings, and the muse bit. First it bit for art, though, which is located here.

Aerial Adeventures, part one )

I live for feedback, folks, and am not too proud to beg for it. Please, please tell me what you think!
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Well... she didn't come out too badly. The background sucks, but I knew that was going to happen.

What do you guys think?

I can't figure out the 'thumbnail' thing yet, so this is me attempting to spare friendspages.
Sorry, failed miserably there for a second!

Thank you [ profile] elfcat255!!!!


Jun. 9th, 2006 11:36 pm
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Tiny thing written for ms_kinnikufan orignally, but it keeps trying to turn into more, so I went and acquired it.

Femslash, this time. Highly strange for me.
And Toonverse Raven and Starfire, stranger yet.
Wondering )


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